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Somatics comes from the Greek word "soma" which means the living body in its wholeness. The wholeness of the body includes feelings, sensations, muscles, movement, breathing, and thoughts. So many of us live in our heads and try to think our way out of issues that also affect, or originate in our bodies. Our bodies are a manifestation of who we are, how we move, how deeply we feel, how we breathe, how we think and how we act in the world.

Somatic coaching, bodywork and therapy are based on the belief that our bodies have in them the wisdom to live centered, fulfilling, whole lives. What somatics teaches us is how to listen to that wisdom in our everyday lives, and how to use that wisdom to heal from depression and trauma and many other issues.

I am a Certified Master Somatic Coach and an assistant trainer in the field of somatics and trauma. I work primarily with social activists, business leaders, and survivors of trauma, running a somatic-based group for women survivors of child sexual abuse in my Oakland office.

For over a decade, I have been an improviser and improvisation teacher and worked with people living with HIV and AIDS. Both experiences are foundational in my work as a somatic practitioner. I ground my work in the belief that as clients start to live more in their bodies, they can connect deeply with their spontaneity, humor and the sense of resilience that is essential for healing.

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